"Because it's over...over...over...over you..."

(The end of) Misery Inspires

This is about it for Misery Inspires. I've fixed a few things and this site now lives on the Somnolescent Archives, where I won't be updating it. I'm busy with work and projects that just plain interest me more. I haven't even listened to the new album, and now that there's a new wave of press for it that I'd have to archive, eh. More overwhelming than fun.

I do have one last content update for you though! The press releases for all their albums up to Widow's Weeds, plus one for Pine Marten's lone album, because Pine Marten rules. They're really interesting reads, I highly recommend them. They'll be on their own page, plus linked under their respective albums in the discography.

This really was more a teenage dream I was happy to make a reality and a nice clearinghouse of old-school Pickups stuff I had accumulated, and I succeeded in that. I enjoyed my time with it! It joins the pile of other sites on archives that I'm wistful for, but am very glad to not have on my to-do list anymore.

As said, this site will live on forever on archives, and I've made sure everything redirects correctly, so no need to worry about your existing links breaking. Thank you for checking in and being interested in a little band from Silver Lake. I still like them a lot, absolutely a band I love revisiting in the springtime, and I've got tons of great memories with their music. Everything's gotta end sometime, though. Here's this one's.